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  • Think about process a customers has to go through just leave a review?

  • 1st they have to search for your business on what ever platform they choose. Google, Facebook, or Yelp, etc.. just to name a few.

  • Once they find your business on a platform were do they leave review and how clicks does it take to leave the review?

  • Type the review and submit it.

  • Customers do not leave reviews becuase it's not easy or it's in convient?

  • Just like you are busy to running your business, customers although they love your business they have busy lives also.

  • Google, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms have had trouble with fraudulent reviews being posted.

  • In effort to combat fraudulent reviews, they make it difficult to leave reviews to verify authentic reviews.

Create A Flood Of New Customer Reviews

Leave Your Competitors Scratching Their Heads?

With Our

S.T.A.R.S Accelerator Method!

With the S.T.A.R.S Accelerator Method we provides the simpliest way for your customers to 

load your business Google Review Box on to their moble phone.

This make extremely convient for your customers to easily leave your business a review in 5 seconds.

S.T.A.R.S Accelerator Method 

Scan and Tap - We make it Convenient and Easy For Your Customers To Leave Reviews. As your business gets postive and regular reviews you get ranked higher in the search engines.

Ask - Customers are typically happy to leave a review when you ask, but especially if it easy.

Respond - Google loves and gives increases visibility to business owners that respond to positive and negative reviews. When you regularly respond to reviews in positive manner you get ranked higher in the search engines.

Share - Reviews being shown online is Social Proof that your customers love your business. Positive reviews help new customers understand they can trust you. Increasing visibility of your reviews online as much possible is one of the most successful and proven marketing strategies! Don't we've got your back!

Scan and Tap

Employee Driven Growth to

Boost Your Reviews

& Rank Higher On Google

We can provide your employees with 5 types of

Physical Google Review Devices 

Google Review Plaques


Google Review TapCards


You’re in contact with your customers every day, why miss the chance to get another google review. Increase your reviews, reach, reputation, visibility and sales with just one card.

Google Review Table and Counter Top Displays


Google Review Stickers


Google Review Business Cards

Note: Business Cards Are Not Tap (NFC) Enabled


Our Software Tracks All Google Review Devices

Google Review Device Tracking

Your employees simply ask your customer if they would leave you a review? Scan or Tap the Google Review Device to their phone, they are immediately taken to your Google Review Box and they can easily leave a review in 5 seconds. 

  • Each device has a unique link so you can track which employees are asking for reviews.
  • Each device has a QR code on it as well, just in case the phone isn't tap enabled.
  • The Google Review TapCard can be set to have competition between your employees to get even more reviews. 

Online Employee Leaderboard

Real time company leaderboard to gamify generating Google reviews with the employees.

  • Each card has a unique link so you can track which employees are asking for reviews.
  • Each card has a QR code on it as well, just in case the phone isn't tap enabled. 

Respond To Reviews

Real Time Review Responses 

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) language model to write responses to your Google reviews. 

  • Our software automatically writes a response & sends it to your email for approval. Note: We suggest you setup a dedicated email just for this feature.
  • You can approve, edit, rewrite or reject the review response with a single click.
  • Once you have approved the response our software automatically posts the response to that customers review on your Google Business Profile.
  • The quicker you respond the more visibilty and Higher Google ranking you will get!

Search For Your Business Below & We Will Write Review Responses To 5 Of Your Google Reviews Live Right Before Your Eyes!



1st Sharing Method

Stream Your Best Positive Reviews To Your Website In Realtime

We Will Layout & Customize Your Google Review Stream Widget To Match Your Branding To Stream On Your Website.

  • Choose your desired layout & settings for your Google review widget.
  • Customize your colors to match your branding of your website.
  • Set the minimum threshold star rating to only show positive reviews on your website.
  • If you want only 4 Stars or Higher
  • If you only want 5 Stars

Search For Your Business Below & We Will Show You An Example Of Your Reviews Streaming In Real Time!


2nd Share Method

Share Reviews On Social Media

Generate images of your positive Google reviews and easily share them to your social media account. 

  • Connect your Facebook & Instagram account and instantly share your positive reviews. 
  • Create multiple image templates to easily change the look of your reviews.

It's Fast

It's Simple

It's S.T.A.R.S Accelerator Method

When you sign up for S.T.A.R.S Accelerator Method we will configure your Google Rview Devices, deliver them if are local, or  ship them to you ready to go! Each Google Review Device has a unique link so we can track all of the scans or taps from your employees. Turn it into a friendly contest to see who can get the most reviews. 

Book A Demo

Click the link to book a demo and we will walk you through the platform. 

We Set You UP

We do all of the heavy lifting and get your entire company set up and ready to go. 


We deliver all of your Google Review Devices preprogrammed.